French Empire 4-Door Armoire, Exquisite Custom Cabinet Detail Toggle

French Empire 4-Door Armoire, Exquisite Custom Cabinet Detail

This magnificent reproduction of a French Empire style armoire, was built by Packard cabinetmakers. The custom armoire was featured in Fine Woodworking Magazine. The original antique piece is currently held in collection.

Packard Cabinetry makes every attempt to remain true to the original material, fine detail, and design for their custom reproduction fine furniture. The armoire features a pull-out center desk inset with black leather. The cabinet is trimmed in gold leaf and made of solid mahogany with beautiful figured crotch mahogany veneers.

Chased and gilded brasses are French Ormolu style. Master furniture makers at Packard did take some liberty with the Ormolu. Gilders in the early 19th century often didn’t survive past 40 years of age due to the significant health risk of exposure to harmful mercury fumes. The experts working with Packard’s custom cabinets intend to stick around for a while, so they used a mixture of metals to resemble ormolu.

The cabinet sits on plinth blocks of turned columns, and is shown here with a French Polished Mahogany finish.

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