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You may be surprised at what we can do for your kitchen cabinets . . . your whole kitchen, in fact. Our design professionals know the most current trends and industry news to incorporate the convenience features and technology into your new kitchen, or kitchen remodeling project.

Don’t want to touch the faucets with your soiled hands? How about electronic faucets? Want your kitchen to have furniture-type pieces, but provide the functionality of the newest, most energy efficient technology? You got it. We’ll make it so with your kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands, accessories, and more. And how about a discreet feeding station for Fido? We can make your four-legged friends very comfortable.

Our CKD certified kitchen design teams in Sea Cliff, NY, and Asheville, NC, are active members of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). We are able to compose a unique and personal kitchen design using a wide range of woods, moldings, colors, lighting, appliances, and automation.

All of us are committed to having your project go as smoothly as possible from the initial review of your space to the final installation. Our design team’s goal is to integrate your aesthetic preferences in to a beautiful and functional kitchen with the space you need. Look at some of our clients’ most requested styles, and get in touch for a phone consultation.

traditional style kitchen design & installation by Packard Cabinetry of New York

Traditional kitchens

Drawing from historic traditions, traditional kitchen cabinets reflect the styling of 18 or 19th century furniture. Consisting typically of face frame door construction, inset with butt hinges, commonly having raised panels, or flat recessed panels with a moulding detail around the interior edges . Often times traditional styling incorporates classic architectural details like fluting, reeding or carvings and complex moulding.

transitional style kitchen design & installation by Packard Cabinetry of Long Island, NY

Transitional kitchens

Maintaining some of the elements of traditional styling, transitional styling attempts to simplify the elements of the cabinetry, and streamline the look for a more calm, tailored look. The transition to contemporary can be gradual and restrained, but doesn’t buy into all the elements of contemporary styling. The crown, for example, may have a simple inside curve versus an ogre with multiple steps. Door styling like a Shaker or Arts and Crafts are all early modern, but considered transitional.

modern style kitchen design & installation the CKD designers at Packard Cabinetry, Sea Cliff

Contemporary kitchens

Modern kitchens are great look, popular today, even in traditional architectural spaces. The cabinetry becomes nondescript in detailing.  The overall location of mass is what drives modern design, as well as function. Typically the doors are slab, and exotic wood is often used. Crown moulding are often eliminated or minimized to a narrow piece.

Art Deco is early modern as is Shaker, and can be categorized under transitional.