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Kiwanis of Hendersonville spotlights Robin Weeter

Rob Weeter is originally from Emlenton PA, north of Pittsburgh. By age three his family had moved to Westerville OH, but at age 10 it was up and on again, this time to St. Clair/Port Huron MI. At age 15, it was back to southwest PA. Since college, Rob says, he has lived in a variety of places: Charlotte, Roanoke, Pittsburgh, Greensboro and Glenwood Springs (CO).

rob-weeterRob and wife Debbie have a daughter, Grace (13), who is a second-year Builders Club member at Rugby Middle School. (Debbie just happens to be a past Circle K member of Roanoke College.) They moved to Fletcher in July of 2012.

Rob has a B.S. degree in management from Clarion State College (PA) and has been in kitchen design since 1984. In 2004, he opened his own company, Kitchen Design Studio, near Aspen, CO to introduce high-end custom European cabinetry to the Aspen-Vail corridor; some of his clients included Paul Newman, Jill St. John and Robert Wagner. Rob has been with Packard Cabinetry in Hendersonville since 2015.

Always active in his local community, Rob has been a Kiwanian off and on again since 1993. His first club was the Gate City Kiwanis Club in Greensboro. He joined the Kiwanis Club of Glenwood Springs (CO) in 2000, then the Asheville club after moving to WNC. Rob has served on the board of every past club, is a distinguished past president of the Glenwood Springs club and past vice-president of the Asheville club.

He introduced the Terrific Kids program to the Rocky Mountain District of Colorado and initiated, and chaired, the program for the Glenwood Springs club. Rob can’t help but smile when he says the Terrific Kids program is still Glenwood Spring’s most successful community outreach program!

Rob also served for three years as the Special Olympics winter-games coordinator and says, “It was the most rewarding program I’ve ever participated in.”

Obviously a Kiwanian through and through, Rob comes by it naturally. His grandfather, Raymond W. Geiser, was a lieutenant governor of Kiwanis District 6 and a distinguished past president of the Golden K Kiwanis Club of Charlotte. Both of his sons – Rob’s uncle Ray and uncle Dan – are distinguished past presidents of the Mecklenburg Kiwanis Club. Dan Geiser has been treasurer of that club for many years.

Rob is quick to point out that his mother, Judi Weeter, moved from Charlotte to Hendersonville soon after he and Debbie and Grace moved here. Reason? Rob and Debbie had her granddaughter! Rob says that Judi is now a session member at Trinity Presbyterian Church and is responsible for starting the Stop Hunger Now program at Trinity. Judi also volunteers at Free Rein Center in Brevard, an equine therapy clinic that specializes in helping children and adults with a wide range of disabilities and challenges like autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD and many others.

For sports, Rob says he is passionate about (1) western riding and training, (2) hunting, (3) physical fitness and (4) swimming.

An amusing fact about Rob, in an area south of Pittsburgh, was established by his direct ancestors on his mother’s side. When the family was later doing research into the family history they discovered that one of the family homesteads was located where the Carnegie Museum of Natural History sits today, specifically the Dinosaur Hall. A running family joke is that members of the family grew up under the T.Rex’s tail!

Facts most people don’t know about Rob:

  1. “When I was growing up, our family owned a pure-bred Appaloosa horse farm.”
  2. “The reason we moved to Colorado was because my dad introduced me to hunting elk and mule deer on horseback in the Flat Tops region of Colorado. Debbie gave me two years, and we stayed for almost 14 years!”
  3. “Over the years, I have toured and trained with several custom-cabinet manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland. I planned my last business trip, in 2010, to coincide with the Kiwanis Club of Frankfurt’s weekly meeting. They treated me like the guest of honor, even providing an interpreter. It was only a short time later that I discovered I was also the program! That was definitely one of my all-time favorite Kiwanis meetings!”

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