2023 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

November 18, 2022

We’ve gathered several kitchen cabinet trends to look out for in 2023:

The first trend that we are seeing continue is two-toned cabinets (as pictured above). People are no longer tied to one matching color across all their kitchen cabinets anymore. It’s perfectly acceptable to incorporate more than one color of cabinets throughout your kitchen design.

Additionally, to add interest it is not uncommon to have  the same door style but design for example the perimeter with it being an inset door and on the island as an overlay door. 

Another trend that we are seeing on the rise is the use of dark-stained wood. This style was something that was not as popular over the past several years, but we are seeing a comeback. By being dark, it buries the red and amber tones and is able to match so many other materials and  trending color palettes, which makes it an ideal choice for a new kitchen cabinet design. We’re also seeing that in metropolitan areas having both black AND white cabinetry is popular.

Blues, greens, and neutrals are color schemes that we are seeing commonly used in today’s kitchens. These colors work especially well as a calming color palette.

The trend of mixed metals and mixed materials has been popular for a little while now and is still going strong. Gone are the days where you had to keep the same metal fixture type throughout your kitchen. We love how various materials are now working harmoniously together such as woods, marble, and other natural elements.

While we see a lot of neutrals (as mentioned above), we are also still seeing the use of bold colors in kitchen cabinets. Homeowners are not afraid to show their personality by using colors like red.

Whether you want to stay on trend or do a style all your own, Packard Cabinetry can help. We have been helping homeowners build beautiful kitchens since 1975. Come see them in either their New York or Carolinas locations.