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The Scout Guide Launch Party

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Carolina Home & Garden Magazine

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Helping You Navigate Today’s Home Renovation Challenges

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Long Island House Magazine Feature

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Packard Cabinetry Mebane Hosts Event

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It’s All in the Details

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Entry into the Wolf Sub-Zero Kitchen Design Contest

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Wide Service Area in North and South Carolina

December 17, 2021 Read more

Hendersonville, NC Builders Networking Event

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Packard Cabinetry to Host Henderson-Transylvania Networking Event for Builders

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The New Paradigm in Entertaining at Home

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Parade of Homes

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2021 Kitchen Design Trends

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Back to School Kitchen Tips

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Katina Kremelberg Joins the Packard Cabinetry Team

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Packard Cabinetry Featured on Hendersonville, NC WTZQ

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Packard Cabinetry Featured in Carolina Home & Garden Magazine

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Packard Cabinetry is now available in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina

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New team member in Sea Cliff!

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New designer in Asheville!

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Kitchen Designer?

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How High Do You Hang a Range Hood?

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Packard Cabinetry of Sea Cliff Awarded Best Of Houzz 2020

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Packard featured in PentalQuartz promotion

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Packard featured in Carolina Home magazine

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Colombia Island Kitchen

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FAQ: How to Choose a Cabinet Dealer?

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FAQ: What’s the Correct Hinge for my Cabinet?

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Packard Cabinetry Awarded Best of Houzz 2018!

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Meet the Designers: Jess Slefko

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Welcome Packard of Asheville’s Newest Addition, Jaqui!

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Renovation in Mind? Habitat for Humanity Wants to Help You!

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Revolutionize Your Kitchen Workflow with The Galley Workstation!

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Sands Point, NY 2017

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FAQ: Will my cabinet doors crack or split over time?

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Battle of the Countertops: Granite vs Quartz

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Packard’s Rob Weeter named Outstanding New Member of Hendersonville Kiwanis Club

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Packard Cabinetry supports local Eagle Scout project

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Looking for a Traditional Country Kitchen?

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Kitchen Design Ideas

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A Cook’s Dream Kitchen!

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Awarded Best in Service by Houzz 2015

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Customizing Appliances to Cabintery

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Vintage Colonial

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Get ideas for a Rustic Kitchen

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Packard Celebrating 40 years! Save date Sept 23, 2015

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Galley Sink at Packard Cabinetry

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Country Feel

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From House to Home Show

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Custom Kitchen Cabinetry & Design at Skytop Farm Gated Community

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Packard Cabinetry joins Long Island designer trade show

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4th Packard BBQ Draws AVL-Hendersonville Kitchen & Bath Crowd

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Modern Custom Cabinets Spotlight NY Art Collection

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Packard Cabinetry Wins Raving Fan & Magazine Feature for Kitchen Design

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‘Triskeles’ Cabinet Making Internship at Packard Cabinetry

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Piedmont Blue Ridge Carolina NKBA Chapter Meeting

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Catfish Demo with The Galley Sink at Packard Cabinetry

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1880’s French Work Table Inspires Kitchen Island

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Packard Cabinetry, Hendersonville Offers Award-Winning Galley Sink

March 11, 2014 Read more

Customer Reviews

March 11, 2014 Read more

Packard Cabinetry and DRAPER DBS™ offer you the gold standard in no-added formaldehyde products.

February 3, 2014 Read more