Meet the Designers: Jess Slefko

January 19, 2018

When you’re undertaking a project as important and personal as a home renovation, you want to make sure that the people on the job are the right fit for you

Check out the Q&A below and get to know our newest addition to the Packard design team, Jess Slefko.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be working with her soon!Jess Slefko


Q.  Where were you born & raised?

A.   I’m from here on Long Island. I grew up and went to elementary/high school in Franklin Square.


Q.  Where did you study design?

A.  Out of high school, I received a scholarship to NYIT Old Westbury where I graduated in 2013 with a BFA in Interior Design.  As a student, I had the honor of representing the school at the New York 11 exhibit, which is a collaboration of eleven prestigious New York State institutions that offer a four year program in Interior Design. Every year this exhibition allows each institution to choose students’ work to be showcased.  The event is intended to spotlight the interior design industry and celebrate rising talents from among the region’s soon-to-be professionals.  The exhibition is also affiliated with the IDLNY (Interior Designers for Legislation in New York) which is a coalition to promote and protect the rights of practicing designers in New York State.


Q. What’s your earliest design memory?

A.  From a young age I always loved to read design magazines, books and watch shows on HGTV. I also was always into fashion and had an eye for color, pattern and textures. I took a lot of art courses in high school and always loved to decorate.  My high school art teacher was actually instrumental in encouraging me to pursue my interests into a career in design.


Q.  Are there other designers in your family?

A.  No, no other designers in my family – although my mother always had pretty good taste when it came to decor.


Q.  What do you do in your free time?

A.   I love to spend time with my family.   I’m the mother of two little boys –  married to my “high school sweetheart”.


Q.  How would you describe your job?

A.  I would say my job is to help clients strike the right balance between style and function.  To be an effective designer, you have to be tapped into the most current trends, which are constantly evolving; but you always have to be grounded in what’s practical and affordable for the client.


Q. What was the best advice you were ever given?

A. One of my favorite college professors used to always say “Design should be fun!” and that’s absolutely true.