Colombia Island Kitchen

August 28, 2019

It was an unusual project.  How could we refuse?  

Designing, making and installing an operational custom  kitchen, made out of stainless steel cabinetry, with high end appliances, for a luxury compound on a remote small island off the coast of New Rochelle in Long Island Sound… that was the challenge. We do projects all over the North Shore of Long Island as well as Manhattan and the Hamptons. Why would we even entertain this idea?  

Cabinets had to be operational with all solid stainless steel components to withstand high moisture conditions in a former concrete barrack. 

All the Miele Appliances had to be delivered on a barge, and uploaded from a flimsy dock to the main house which was a renovated Radio tower station.  

The Stainless steel countertop had to be seamless and run the whole length of the kitchen. Essentially it was a galley kitchen, with a peninsula at the end to accommodate a rolling cart on wheels that pulled out to be an island (no pun intended)  in the aisle. 

 Kitchen had to have a food prep area around the Induction cooktop with Grill, a Wok, and  a back wall with  steam oven, 

 Double ovens, double refrigerators, freezers, and microwave, and a cleanup zone with two dish washers.  

We had to take a boat out to the island to measure, and repeated trips out to the island to install, sometimes in mid-winter. 

Ok, we were up for the challenge. As the article in the New York Times describes, the owner had one meal there!  

Oh well, maybe the next buyer will appreciate what went into this place.  

So why do we take on such a project? It is the desire to do the extraordinary in the Luxury marketplace for all our discerning clients.