Packard Cabinetry, Hendersonville Offers Award-Winning Galley Sink

March 11, 2014

The award-winning Galley Workstation™ is available at Packard Cabinetry in Hendersonville, NC, and has truly reinvented the kitchen!Galley Sink Video Comparison - Packard Cabinetry NC Much more than a sink, it is a super-functional workstation. Cutting boards, colanders, a drain rack, and stainless bowls slide above and below each other on two tiers inside the 4’, 5 ½’ and 7’ models to accommodate food preparation, clean up and serving in one convenient place. With the introduction of the single-tier 3’ Galley Workstation™ and the 1 ½’ Galley Companion™, homeowners can customize their workstations, as every lower-tier accessory is interchangeable between the double-tier and the single-tier Galley Workstations™. With five sizes available, let Packard Cabinetry’s design team assist you with incorporating the Galley Workstation™ into your dream kitchen. AWARDS