'Triskeles' Cabinet Making Internship at Packard Cabinetry

June 10, 2014

Cabinet making internship provides youth leadership and development opportunity. Triskeles logo

Packard Cabinetry was honored to be a participating mentor in a Trisekels Foundation program, thanks to none other than my nephew, Gabe. He completed a youth leadership and development program through school. I can tell you that I wish I had an opportunity to learn through a 10th Grade Artisan Internship program like this when I was young.

The program lasted a week and was coordinated through Gabe’s high school. The internship was part of a Triskeles project, in which 10 graders work with artisans that make tangible items by hand. Projects range from baked goods to Indian Warli paintings, to cabinet making right here at Packard Cabinetry.

Sea Cliff, NY cabinet shop
The wood shop and cabinet makers were in different stages of production when my nephew, Gabe, visited the woodworking shop.

During his cabinet making internship, Gabe visited a job site on the first day, where our master cabinet installer, Felipe, was working on some radiator covers and a custom desk we designed to help update a condominium at the Wyndham Apartments in Garden City, Long Island. The furniture was made in our Sea Cliff cabinet shop, and for this look, both the covers and desk were finished in a sleek, gloss white lacquered finish.

Felipe showed Gabe how to add bin primer and to use caulk to fill small holes or gaps where the pieces of furniture and the wall meet. He also had an opportunity to meet a prospective new supplier, and worked with our dispatcher to schedule deliveries for clients. All in a day’s work.

I’m glad he enjoyed the internship. You can see the radiator covers and read about Gabe’s cabinet internship from Day 2 “on the job”.

By day three, I could tell Gabe was getting his ‘cabinet legs’. Here’s what he wrote.

“Today, I did basically the same thing as yesterday. We loaded a shipment of cabinets into the shop today. Also, we did some installations at a house. We hung a wall cabinet and a bathroom vanity. I learned how to properly prime and paint wood.”

Thank you, Gabe for a job very well done, and for being enthusiastic about your experience!

Oh, and just a little more about Triskeles the program…

Triskeles is a wonderful non-profit organization that focuses on experiential education of our youth. The Career, Service, and Artisan Internship program is one of four main leadership programs designed to enable youth to work together beside adults who are committed to creating a world where the triple bottom line values of prosperity, people and planet are the measure of success. For more information and to visit, go to the Triskeles web site.