Renovation in Mind? Habitat for Humanity Wants to Help You!

December 14, 2017


If you are a general contractor, kitchen designer or a homeowner entering into a renovation, we strongly encourage you to partner with Habitat for Humanity on your project.

Rob Weeter
Rob Weeter of Packard Cabinetry and Habitat for Humanity, Hendersonville NC


Rob Weeter is one of Packard Cabinetry’s very talented kitchen designers at our Hendersonville, NC branch.  In addition to his work bringing beautiful custom kitchens to life, he sits on the Board of Directors of the Henderson County Habitat for Humanity.  Thanks to his efforts, we’ve developed a very fruitful synergy with our local Habitat branch!


As kitchen designers and custom cabinetry professionals, our main focus is a creative one.  However, in order to create a new kitchen or living space, you must first get rid of the old!  Unwanted cabinetry, countertops, appliances and more are often discarded during a renovation.


Habitat for Humanity has found a way to transform a destructive process into one which furthers their vision of a safe and decent home for every family.  Their Deconstruction service provides home owners and tradespeople with timely removal of salvageable materials including:


Habitat for Humanity Deconstruction



When you take advantage of the Deconstruction service, you’re not the only who benefits!

Usable materials get diverted from local landfills.  The community gains a source of reusable materials.  Items sold at Habitat’s ReStore locations provide a valuable source of funding for their continued mission to ensure adequate housing for all.  All donations to Habitat for Humanity are tax deductible.   As you can see, it’s a win-win for all involved!


To read more about the Deconstruction process and receive information about partnering with a local Habitat for Humanity office in your area, continue reading here!