Back to School Kitchen Tips

July 30, 2021

Here are some tips on getting your kitchen back to school ready:

It’s the time of year when summer camps are over, and vacations are coming to an end. Families will get a lot busier with lunches to make, homework to do, and activities to run off to.

Organize Kitchen for Lunch and Snack Prep

In the mornings before school, everyone is rushing around trying to get out the door on time. It’s vital that you have your kid’s lunch and snack prep areas organized to make your life easier. Dedicate a full extension roll out shelf in the pantry just for snacks: pretzels, snack bars, cookies, etc that can be pulled out and selections made easily. On a nearby shelf position sandwich baggies and plastic wrap for easy access.

Set up your refrigerator drawer crisper with all lunch and snack items like lunch meats for sandwiches, cheese sticks, and yogurts. Prepare these the night before when cleaning up from dinner so they are ready to grab in the morning for kids’ backpacks. 

Make sure your fridge is organized for those after-school snacks too, so they can be held over till dinner. 

Homework Station

back to school kitchen island

The kitchen is the main hub of the home. And it is usually the place where the kids unload their backpacks and do their homework. It’s the perfect place so that you can help them with their homework while you’re cooking dinner. The kitchen island or peninsula is an ideal place as long as it is set up with outlets for chargers when they are on their devices. If there is no island or peninsula, the kitchen or dining room table is a good alternative. If your kitchen is luxurious and you have a second island, that can be a dedicated kids’ workstation that can include cabinets specifically for school and art supplies.

Communication Center

Having an “inbox” for permission slips and take-home notes is also important to have. The best location would be at the charging desk or “communication center” where you have your calendar and are set up to receive all your doctor appointments, post invitations, and school communications. This can also be a place to record a list of special snacks the kids like, weekly dinner menus, and your family calendar.

If your current kitchen layout is not quite ready for going back to school, contact us and we would be glad to help you create the perfect space in your new kitchen. We have been creating beautiful and functional kitchens since 1977, so give us a call today to see how we can help.